Porta Potty Rental Cost Per Day: How Much Does it Cost to Rent Portable Toilets Near Me?
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Porta Potty Rental Cost Per Day: How Much Does it Cost to Rent Portable Toilets Near Me?

The same goes for trash, muddy footprints, and miscellaneous items that get left behind. Sanitation workers work hard to completely scrub down the unit, including the walls, floors, toilet seat, urinals and windows. You’ll also need to allow for 45-feet of space around your porta potties to account for the space required by the service truck. ADA and OHSA regulations require you to have at least one handicap-accessible porta-potty at a venue.

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By assessing the real needs of your event or project and matching them with the appropriate unit, you can avoid unnecessary costs. For instance, a simple construction site might not require a deluxe model with extra amenities. The distance between the rental company and your event or project site can significantly influence the cost.

Anymore, any design of portable toilet is available, ranging from basic non-flushing porta-potties up to heated and air-conditioned portable-restroom beauties that rival many restrooms found in upscale hotels. Portable toilets are used for any venue ranging from dusty construction sites to posh, poolside cocktail parties, and any type of event, in-between. Or perhaps you want to offer a more comfortable experience for your family and the crew of builders. In these cases, an upgrade might be in order, and that’s where luxury restroom trailer rentals come into the picture. Toilets and Co. provides clean, reliable, and comfortable portable toilets for rent in the Dayton and Springfield, Ohio region, making your next outdoor event hassle-free and hygienic. Just like the travel industry, the porta potty rental business has its busy and slow seasons.

Portable Toilets Needed for Construction Sites

The truth is that if a porta potty rental business has trendy portable toilets and is well positioned in an environment with high rate of outdoor events, they will attract regular clients. Portable toilets, also known as porta-potties, are common at outdoor events, construction sites, and other locations where permanent restrooms are unavailable. Renting a porta potty is necessary for anyone organizing an outdoor event or managing a construction project. Choosing the right porta potty is crucial to ensure everyone has access to clean and hygienic facilities.

OSHA Rules for Portable Toilets

These units vary in pricing, depending on the size and style restroom rental you choose. Prices for each model are clearly indicated on each product page once you input the rental dates you are looking at. Contact Quick Relief Solutions for the best porta potties for events in Atlanta. We provide top-of-the-line portable toilets and temporary restroom solutions for events of all sizes.

Bear in mind that the exact maintenance schedule for your restrooms will depend on how often they’re being used. After all, toilets that see heavy traffic will need to be serviced more often than units that are barely touched. Generally speaking, portable toilets should be  serviced at least once a week.

High-rise porta potties cost $500 to $1,000 per month for hanging units with reinforced steel cabling that can be lifted by crane to higher floors for easy worker access. Luxury shower trailers cost $500 to $3,000 per day and offer hot water, private stalls, and changing areas for disaster relief, movie sets, and multi-day festivals or sporting events. For example, if the seller says that they have six brand new portable toilets, you would ask to see the paperwork with the invoice that shows they made that purchase. You might see the invoice for the toilets and later find out that they were leased instead of being purchased. This is just one small example of how following up on details is a necessity.

These units usually include additional features, such as toiletries, sinks, cabinets, attendants, and even televisions. OSHA has specific guidelines to ensure that workers have access to clean toilets. In our experience, most new business owners have a goal of operating a full-time portable restroom rental company. Before you buy a porta potty, you need to determine whether or not you have the opportunity to be successful. To do this, you should identify your service area, assess possible customers, gauge the level of demand and scout out competitors. Much like flushing toilets, a water source allows luxury restroom trailers to have running water. This water is heated and cooled to provide a handwashing solution that’s pleasant in all temperatures.

However, they may save you money in the long run by requiring less frequent cleaning and maintenance. Read more about Job site toilet rentals here. You don’t have to be fancy when it comes to choosing toilet rentals for a home construction site. As long as the toilets are close to where your team is working and provide them with a way to wash or sanitize their hands afterwards, even the most basic of toilets will suffice.

Scaling up from making plywood restrooms in their own house, Andy Gump with his two sons, Barry Gump and Billy Gump launched a successful restroom rental business. Before choosing a toilet rental service, consider the event’s size, duration, and number of attendees. If there are thousands of people expected at your event, a single portable toilet may not be enough. Larger restroom trailers may be needed, especially if the toilets must be positioned near a parking lot.

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