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Van Life 101: How-To Guide for Living in a Van

If you spend time in harsh environments such as very wet, dusty or muddy places, then it can be harder to keep your tiny home clean and dry. We started by searching locally, but eventually expanded our search nationally. We had a spreadsheet with over 30 eligible vehicles on it, listing their year, location, mileage, list price, web link, contact information, and notes about whether we had contacted them or not. Created so each passenger can have their own individual captain’s chair, the Executive Van is a premium way to travel long distances.

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You can buy the standard Sprinter cargo van with a 4×4 diesel drivetrain. This option is useful if you want to go off-roading in your new campervan.

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One client traveled in this van from NYC to LA while shooting a commercial showcasing their new cell phone’s ultra long battery life. While this is the most basic Sprinter configuration we offer, it provides a great way for a large group to travel comfortably, and arrive in style.

Number of Builds

Although the time spent traveling in the first build was enjoyable and rewarding, new ideas were constantly being imagined to facilitate life on the road better. Their desire to perfect the travel experience turned into a dream to create comfortable, functional, and eye-catching homes on wheels. From there, this passion shifted to providing this same experience for others. They also build awesome campers, daily driver travelers, tailgate, and custom vans. FreedomVanGo is your one-stop shop to build your van on your own or with their help.

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Sportsmobile can actually convert various van models, including the Mercedes Sprinter. We like that the site has a Design Your Own tool that empowers you to take charge and build the van of your dreams. Otherwise, you can select from standard build options and let Sportsmobile take the wheel (figuratively speaking). As you can see, the more components you add to your DIY Sprinter van, the more expensive it will get. You can always do a bare bones conversion to see what van life is like, and add components as time goes on. Walls, Ceiling, and Insulation – You can’t leave the interior of your Sprinter van exposed.

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Although Vanworks hasn’t been around quite as long as Sportsmobile, it has plenty of experience under its belt. Since 1978, the company has been converting Sprinters, Rams, and Fords to accommodate their clients. As with other conversion van companies, you can either buy one off the shelf or get a fully-customized version.

Let Your Camper Van Work for You

If you’re a full-time van lifer, you also won’t be paying rent or utilities, so it is very possible to save money while living on the road. Whether you are considering van life as a part-time or full-time endeavor, investing in or converting a van is a process full of big decisions. Navigating the many different options, set-ups, conversions, and even designing your nomadic lifestyle can feel overwhelming. So to make it easier for you, this blog post is the ultimate van life 101 guide filled with van life how-tos and answers to some most frequently asked questions. This option will especially appeal to those who are able to work remotely.

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If you’re looking for an affordable campervan rental option, look no further than these small camper vans for rent. Vanworks also offers financing options and a three-year warranty on all builds. So, you can buy with confidence, knowing that your van is built to last.