Scrap Metal Recycling: How Waste Control Can Optimize Your Waste Stream
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Scrap Metal Recycling: How Waste Control Can Optimize Your Waste Stream

Hopefully, I can find a steel supplier once I’ve hired contractors. I have some old scrap metal that I’m not sure what to do with. It makes sense that getting it properly recycled would be important. I’ll be sure to work with someone to ensure that I handle things properly. You can visit one of our facilities or schedule a mobile pickup and we’ll come to you (you must have at least 500 pounds of non-ferrous recyclable metal). If you have at least 5,000 pounds of scrap, we’ll even deliver a roll-off dumpster to your site, allowing you to manage large amounts at once.

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Then, they are cut into smaller pieces with hydraulic machinery. But, before you send them off, we recommend separating your metals. Ferrous metals will stick to the magnet because they have iron.

Using less energy and producing fewer emissions to create new products has got to be a good thing. The scrap metal recycling process generally follows the following format, although depending on the products or materials being processed, other systems may be applied.

Step 2: Create a Business Account

Recycling scrap metal is necessary for creating a sustainable future, economy and environment. The recycled metal also goes through a purification process, which can involve the use of electrolysis, powerful magnet systems or other technologies. During the end of this phase, the ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal are compacted into large blocks to facilitate handling and transportation. Brass is a combination of zinc and copper and is often used for making light fixtures, bathroom fixtures, faucets, door handles, keys and other plumbing pieces. Established in 1981, it offers waste management solutions across the United States. If you sell it with stains or grease on it, you’ll probably get less money for it. Scrap metal prices are constantly vary based on current market prices.

How Do Scrap Yards Recycle Metal?

Also, some pieces of metal may require pressure washing to get rid of stubborn contaminants. When the scrap reaches the recycling facility, the metals are purified and as free as possible from non-metal materials.

The removal of raw materials such as plastic ensures that the finished product is pure. A scrap yard may work with residential customers, commercial clients, or both. Non-ferrous metals are generally worth more than ferrous materials. That includes aluminum, brass, copper, lead, nickel, stainless steel, tin and zinc.

However, many project managers are now looking for sustainable practices and require construction companies to divert waste. It’s for generating a consistently high value upon recycling—higher than any other base metal. At a processing facility, scrap material is either baled or placed into a shredder. Some materials, such as copper tubing, radiators, PVC and aluminum siding, and junk shop (aluminum door frames and window frames) are baled. All consumers buy products made with recycled metal, but most aren’t aware of it.

If you’re unsure of the types of risks that your business may face, begin with General Liability Insurance. This is the most common coverage that small businesses need, so it’s a great place to start for your business. Considering how a piece of metal was used before it became scrap metal can also help you identify its specific type. Iron is primarily used for indoor applications because it rusts easily. Copper is commonly used in electrical wiring because it conducts electricity effectively.

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