Prashant Kishor: How to win elections and influence people
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Prashant Kishor: How to win elections and influence people

— Republican Kentucky gubernatorial hopeful Kelly Craft is again swinging at primary opponent Attorney General Daniel Cameron, this time with an ad emphasizing her support of law enforcement. If Donald Trump — currently the Republican front-runner — again loses to President Joe Biden, the real estate mogul will likely once more allege massive fraud and “incite widespread intimidation campaigns” against election officials and workers, the report said. “With the outcome of the vote essentially a coin toss (at least for now), the only certainty is continued damage to America’s social fabric, political institutions and international standing.” The decisive push came from PM Narendra Modi who took the campaign to the next level and articulated the issues of paper leaks and crimes against women, which amplified the message and ensured its penetration across the state. The PM’s confidence showed when he said that Gehlot would never be the Chief Minister of Rajasthan again.

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They were overwhelmingly coastal, dominated by the college-educated, and, with the exception of those who devoted themselves to the labor movement and community organizing in poor neighborhoods, remote from the working-class constituencies they purported to represent. Read more about Monitoring and Evaluation here. Thus, while progressives may have underestimated how hard it is to rein in the vested interests of blue regions, their intraparty battles have done little to reduce blue-state inequality or expand the liberal-left coalition in the manner that Sanders had sought to do. In blue cities and ailing post-industrial regions alike, progressives’ vision of change hasn’t successfully revived working-class power—certainly not in a manner that would shake up the regional basis of the two-party system.

‘Third place is not good’: DeSantis supporters brace for Iowa vote

Justin H. Vassallo is a Compact columnist specializing in American political development, political economy, party systems, and ideology. Untold numbers of military aircraft now patrol the Taiwan Strait that separates the island from China — not just from China and Taiwan, but from the militaries of the U.S., Japan, Australia and other countries. Tense encounters, with accusations of “trespassing,” have become a more common occurrence. If Lai wins, China’s government warned Thursday that he “would continue to follow the evil path of provoking ‘independence,'” taking Taiwan “ever further away from peace and prosperity, and ever closer to war and decline.” Supporters of all parties in Taiwan, Cole said, “have this thing in common called freedom and democracy.” Taiwan’s presidential race pits current Vice President Ching-te Lai, 64, a Harvard-educated physician-turned-politician who also goes by William, against challenger Hou Yu-Ih, a former police officer of the conservative Kuomintang party. ODIHR strongly encourages all interested observers to undertake its e-learning course for OSCE/ODIHR observers.

Revealed: the hacking and disinformation team meddling in elections

Thus, while some activists devoted themselves to the pursuit of goals like Medicare for All and the PRO Act (which would effectively undo the anti-union Taft-Hartley Act of 1947), progressivism never gained force as a national project the way the New Deal did. As the Democrats became identified with the economy’s advanced sectors and most prosperous regions, progressivism reinforced the trend, rather than countering it. The language of social justice consequently departed from the efforts of 20th-century liberals and social democrats. An earlier generation of progressives had sought to reconcile their egalitarian ends with a commitment to pluralism while also emphasizing common bonds. Meanwhile, outré concepts like “degrowth,” “family abolition,” and “harm reduction”—that last an increasingly pseudo-ethical justification for laissez-faire public safety—gained broader currency in progressive circles. Armed with their own rarefied lexicon and boutique epistemology, militant progressives set out to delegitimize other perspectives on social norms.

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We fought it the good old way – by depending on our workers,” says BJP spokesperson Shehzad Poonawalla who worked for the party in Rajasthan. He told News18 that the BJP began its preparations in 2019 when crimes against women started being reported with unfailing regularity in Rajasthan.

LONDON (AP) — More than 50 countries that are home to half the planet’s population are due to hold national elections in 2024, but the number of citizens exercising the right to vote is not unalloyed good news. The year looks set to test even the most robust democracies and to strengthen the hands of leaders with authoritarian leanings. But where U.S. policy on Taiwan heads after the U.S. presidential election in November remains a question mark. Some members of former President Donald Trump’s administration, including his Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, have voiced support for non-traditional positions, like offering Taiwan formal diplomatic recognition, which could trigger a crisis. Panelists also stressed the need for campaigns to look at potential swing voters, or the nearly half of adults who are independents, heading into 2024.

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