Infrared Heat & Technology Clearlight Saunas
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Infrared Heat & Technology Clearlight Saunas

Last week, we covered the many mental and physical benefits of spending time in a sauna. If you were inspired to get more heat exposure in your life, today we cover all the questions you may have about making this practice a regular ritual. Two to three rounds is most common, but experienced sauna users will do this process anywhere from four to six times each session. Sentos, the traditional communal baths of Japan, are less common in America but can be found in several states, including California and Hawaii. If you visit Japan and try out a sento, you’ll be able to choose between warm and hot pools of water, constructed to hold many people. Some of these are gently warmed, and others are filled with dark, dense minerals. Here, sauna bathing is part of a national lifestyle devoted to healthy living and communal activities.

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When in the sauna, try to be still and avoid unnecessary movements. Turn off your sauna once our session is finished, and remove any used towels. Timber works well for benches and cladding, but not for floors, because it attracts moisture and dirt. Better options are anti-slip porcelain or stone tiles, or even polished concrete. Newport has noticed that soapstone is becoming increasingly popular, because it’s “naturally anti-slip, non-porous, non-permeable, and feels very nice to walk on”. Helsinki’s new public sauna Löyly (meaning ‘steam’ in Finnish) is designed by architecture firm Avanto and fashioned from more than 4,000 planks of precisely cut heat-treated pine.

How To Clean an Infrared Sauna – Tips & Tricks

For instance, entering a sauna without hydrating yourself is a big no-no, so is sitting in a sauna for an extended time without intervals. Ignoring these key aspects and going in unprepared can be detrimental. If you’re prone to acne and still want to sauna, be sure to wash your face soon afterwards to cleanse it of residue. The other nice thing about Finnish saunas is they can be pretty large, and you can put them outside.

Carbon vs Ceramic Infrared Saunas

Read more about Sauna ceiling charring here. If, for some reason, you’re not hot enough, you can make the sauna hotter by ladling water onto the sauna rocks. Ensure you check in with your sauna peers before you do this in a communal sauna. If you’re interested to start using your home sauna like a pro, we have you covered. In this article, we will break down how to use the Finnish-style dry heat saunas for both electric and wood-burning variants. Follow these tips and you’ll be using your sauna like a pro in no time.

These heat lamps work nearly instantly to emit an infrared light, which heats your body without heating the air. These types of saunas run at lower temperatures, ranging from 120 to 150 degrees Fahrenheit, and do not produce vapor, humidity, or scent. Many people alternate their use of saunas and steam rooms, or use both during the same visit to the gym. While there’s no hard and fast rule for which is best to use first, some people prefer to start with the sauna and end with the steam room. Either way, it’s proper etiquette, and safest, to take a quick shower and drink a glass of water between sessions.

Follow a sauna temperature guide to find the ideal heat level for your comfort and safety. The extensive health benefits of Saunas are just waiting for you. Once you choose the right Sauna for your needs, it’s easy to start enjoying the relaxation and health benefits of Saunas every day. It’s important to detoxify your body of built-up toxins. Consistent infrared sauna use is an effective way to shed accumulated toxic chemicals and heavy metals (such as lead and mercury) through sweating.

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