How to Put Together a Skin Care Routine
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How to Put Together a Skin Care Routine

For a number of reasons; in the morning, a cleanse is essential in removing any debris or dead skin cells that your face has shed during your sleep, and keeping your pores clean should be your number one priority. As for nighttime, using a cleanser can remove makeup and any dirt that your face has collected over the course of the day. By neglecting this step, your pores are susceptible to being clogged where bacteria can thrive and cause zits, which is not ideal. If you use an eye cream, apply it after any treatments to help it absorb better since it has a thick texture.

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Ensuring your products meet this standard at the outset means you don’t have to adjust later when the market demands it. Last but not least, always finish your skincare routine with SPF, even if you’re staying indoors. SPF is crucial in protecting your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Choose a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 and ensure it is broad-spectrum, meaning it will protect your skin from UVA and UVB rays. The combination skin type combines one or more of the previously mentioned types. The skin may suffer from dry patches throughout but an oily T zone, an oily T zone and normal skin everywhere else or normal skin with an occasional dry patch. Check out my list of the best eye creams for anti-aging and dark circles for additional options at different price points.

Find Your Facial Cleanser

To keep the lips healthy and stave off the effects of aging, using a moisturizing lip balm as part of a good skin care routine will help prevent dryness. But if you need more than lip balm alone, add a lip-specific exfoliating product once or twice a week. Exfoliating the lips will help speed up the skin cell turnover rate and remove dead skin to reveal fresh, plump, healthy lips.

Step 6: Sunscreen

Make sure your cleanser is gentle as you don’t want to strip the oil from your already dry skin. Moisturizing is going to be really important if you have dry skin. Choose a heavier moisturizer to replenish and hydrate your skin. There may be some small variations between your morning and evening skincare routines. Removing your makeup, for example, is likely a part of the evening’s cleansing process but not the morning’s.

There are tons of serums on the market—and no matter what your skin type or concern, one of these highly-concentrated formulas can probably help address it. “Serums have a smaller molecular weight than moisturizers and are able to help target certain concerns you may have,” says Rodgers. Think of them as mighty molecules that dive deep into your skin to treat and defend your skin throughout the day. Moisturizer gives your skin the hydration it needs to maintain its elasticity – the key to youthful looking skin. Apply moisturizer after you have applied your serum, as it will form a protective barrier on the skin’s surface and lock in the active ingredients from the serum.

Dry, more mature skin may naturally gravitate towards heavier moisturizers with occlusives and emollients, while oily and acne skin types usually prefer to quick-to-absorb lightweight lotions and gels. The goal for an oily skin care routine is to control excess oil and maintain cara menghilangkan parut jerawat skin’s hydration. When dehydrated, skin will react by producing more oil; you can counteract this activity by hydrating skin with a lightweight moisturizer containing humectants like botanical hyaluronic acid. Also, consider adding an oil cleanser to your skin care routine.

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Face oils, as their name implies, are oil-based skin care products in liquid form that can add hydration and soften the skin overnight, says Woolery-Lloyd. Although the general rule of thumb is to apply skin care products from lightest consistency to heaviest — face oils are an exception. It’s not a necessary step, but if your skin is still cara menghilangkan jerawat batu feeling parched, applying a face oil can be a great way to help lock in moisture overnight. “A lot of people think that if they have acne or oily skin, they’ll break out with an oil, but it’s not true,” Dr. Magovern explains. The best way to prevent your skin from aging prematurely is to be religious about wearing broad-spectrum SPF.

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