How to Make More Money in Property Management
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How to Make More Money in Property Management

As a result, real estate investors can make better business decisions with comprehensive data that accurately reports the property’s financial position. For example, a profit and loss (P&L) statement can help identify areas to focus on to make more money. While landlords already have to handle various expenses, they usually consider hiring a reliable property management company an unnecessary cost. They need to prioritize paying for a professional to manage their property. What landlords may not realize is the average fees for managing property are reasonable considering the value they bring.

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Many landlords manage their buy to let properties independently without any issues, but others prefer handing the job to a professional letting agent that offers property management services. If you want to rent your property but would rather offload all your landlord duties, hire a company to manage the property. You’ll save time and potentially reduce your stress – but their service fees will come from the money you make from the investment, so hiring a management company will eat into your profits.

Most property management firms are set up as an LLC, or limited liability corporation, but S-Corps and C-Corps are also strong contenders with more legal protections. A recent US Census pulse survey revealed that 9 million Americans were behind in their rent. Read more about Property Management Nottingham here. To avoid being a statistic, you should ask your property manager about their policies for late rent. The company should enforce late fees, administer warnings and manage eviction notices. Belong also integrates with major rental listing sites such as Zillow, Hotpads and Zumper.


Most of your strategic decisions will be impacted by your cash flow. And the law requires businesses with employees to carry worker’s compensation insurance to cover any work-related accidents that occur on the job. So, check out your state’s real estate commission or licensing board website for the details relevant to your business. Property management companies that are specialists will appear most qualified to help and be most appealing to the clients with those needs. The author and the platform disclaim any liability for any loss or damage incurred by individuals or entities as a result of the information presented in this blog. We recommend consulting a legal professional before making decisions or taking action based on the information provided in this article.

What to Look for When Hiring a Property Manager

Internal staff can quickly review data and answer tenant questions because they can access complete historical information. Make sure you come prepared with a few property manager interview questions. This will help you find the right company for your needs and investment style. One owner may only want to delegate certain tasks and functions to a property manager while remaining very ‘hands-on’ in other areas. The lease renewal fee is a charge imposed by managers to cover the expenses involved in processing lease renewals.

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If your rental property meets all of these criteria, then you may be able to deduct certain expenses related to the property from your personal income taxes. You may also be able to claim certain tax credits, such as the qualified business income (QBI) deduction. Once you’ve found the perfect fit to manage your property, consider how else you can benefit from their expertise. Property managers are a wealth of knowledge and can offer insight into what other investments may be right for your real estate portfolio. If you’re lucky, you may get more than a manager, perhaps even a partner for future investments.

Taking out a billboard in your local area can be a great way to build brand awareness. Read more about Property Management Birmingham here. If you’re just getting started we suggest focusing your efforts elsewhere. However, if you’re an established business you should definitely start investing in your website’s SEO. Make sure you’re consistently producing high-quality content and promoting it on social media every time a new article is produced. You can quickly achieve that mark by implementing the following strategies. These methods will require more of a hands-on approach but won’t cost you much money to begin.

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