How to look up prisoners and prison records
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How to look up prisoners and prison records

Another way to be notified about a prisoner’s release is to go through the Department of Corrections Victim Services. However, some county and city jails have online search functions, as well. These search queries are similar to the Department of Correction’s functions, but there will be fewer results to sift through. If you are looking for your own prison records, complete and submit Form DOJ-361 along with a FOIA request. This form helps BOP confirm your identity so your private prison records are not wrongfully disclosed.

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Where to find King County jails

Funds can also be deposited into an inmate’s account through MoneyGram’s Express Payment Program. To transfer funds online, you may also use the Jail ATM website to deposit funds into an inmate’s commissary account. Please note that inmate information generally isn’t available for at least 4-6 hours after the time of arrest. If you’re submitting a visitation request to MCC Chicago, carefully review the facility’s rules and regulations before submitting your request. Visitors must adhere to strict guidelines regarding clothing, personal belongings, and conduct during visitation.

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Inmates may also bring money with them when self-surrendering to a prison. These are inmates who turn themselves into a specific prison at a particular time per a court order. Postal Service money order made out to their full committed name and inmate number.

As in, booking photographs shown in online newspapers and mugshot websites. In general, all correctional and intake facilities have a complete list of all inmates uploaded to their system daily. Your info may be searchable as soon as two hours after the date you entered the facility. Most incarcerated people have access to telephones and can initiate outgoing calls. Beginning January 1, 2023, all telephone audio calls made from an incarcerated person in a California state prison are free of charge to the incarcerated person and their friends and families. When corresponding with an incarcerated person, individuals may provide a telephone number where an incarcerated person can call them. The Iowa Department of Corrections (IDOC) permits queries by inmate first name, middle name, and last name.

The Connecticut Department of Correction’s (CT DOC) offender information search permits search by CT DOC number, last name, first name, and date of birth. The Colorado Department of Corrections (CDOC) permits search through CDOC number, offender last name, offender first name, and inmate gender. Either way, it’s helpful to know if an inmate’s release date changed. Prisoners can, in fact, be released earlier than their original release date if they are out on parole.

Inmates can receive funds deposited by outside family, friends, and others. The prison administration also pays them for institutional work details and other incentives. Federal prisons deposit funds at the beginning of each month for work performed at institutional work details.

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