How to Contact an Inmate Family & Friends Services
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How to Contact an Inmate Family & Friends Services

Even suggesting a prohibited act can be construed as attempting to engage in a prohibited act, which is a disciplinary violation. A secured ATM is located in the main lobby of the jail facility for the purpose of receiving cash or credit card payments. Here’s all the information you need to help you locate a prisoner in San Jose and the Greater San Jose area and figure out how to visit, call, or message them.

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This is the Alabama Department of Corrections’ (ADOC) inmate locator tool. You can search by the inmate’s Alabama Institution Serial (AIS) number, first name, and last name. The AIS number is a unique six-digit number assigned to each inmate.


If you want to send money to an inmate in an Illinois correctional center, you have a few options. You can send a money order by mail or use a service like Western Union or JPay to send funds electronically. The IDOC website provides detailed information on how to send money to an inmate. On Inmate Canteen, using the inmate’s personalized name number, visitors can also send money, order commissary, text, and email the inmates through this system.

How Long Does It Take for an Inmate to Show in the System?

You can write a letter to the Riley County Jail located at 1001 S Seth Child Road, Manhattan, KS addressed to the inmate. You may need a B/A to contact a person in custody, or to send them money. We currently offer language translations on our site primarily through Google Translate. This helps visitors find and use information in the languages they speak, but the tool is not perfect.

The completion of the project was slated for the latter part of 2009. The 5 pods in the facility are designated by letter and color. The Riley County Jail, as of early 2013, had 7 pods wherein confined inmates are housed. Prior to the completion of the new wing, the confined population had a maximum capacity of 127 inmates. The newly completed wing became operational with the opening on March 11, 2011.

The Illinois Department of Corrections (IDOC) is responsible for the custody and care of over 30,000 inmates. The department has 28 correctional and processing facilities, which house both male and female inmates.

Arrest Records

Read more about orange county jails inmate search here. The Correctional Center for Women can house about 600 inmates of all security levels. The Elmwood Men’s Facility can hold approximately 2,500 inmates in minimum to medium security sections. The easiest way to locate someone in the Santa Clara County Department of Correction is to use their Inmate Information website. We offer a free consultation to discuss your case and learn if legal action is necessary.

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