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How to Collect Scrap Metal Safely GLE Scrap Metal Recycling Blog

The size of the items will affect the quantity allowed for collection. Determine where your best opportunities are for finding scrap and develop collection routes. This may include small businesses, auto repair shops, demolition sites, plumbing businesses, and residential collection. If you find businesses that regularly generate scrap, you may wish to create a route that would include periodic pickup. It may be worth your while to arrange to drop a bin at a business to accumulate scrap. You might need a license in some states or countries to sell scrap metal.

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Some scrappers say the condition of the metals doesn’t really matter, but most scrapyards will pay less for rusty materials. Naturally, you also want to separate precious metals — it would be awful to sell gold at steel prices. In some cases, you might need other equipment like ladders and even harnesses to prevent a fall. Still, for most side hustlers, scrap metal that’s already on the ground level is a great place to start. A pickup truck comes in handy if you are planning on recycling large autos, machinery parts, and large appliances.

There are five main reasons to recycle metal rather than dispose of it in the trash. Wire hangers, like those from dry-cleaning, are not accepted with household recycling as the wire can jam the machinery. A list of acceptable Electronic Waste items can be found here. Make sure to check your email (including spam/promotions) for your free welcome gift.


This process will make it possible to move smaller pieces of steel, often using conveyor belts to their next location. Environmental Protection Agency, the United States generates about 292 million tons of waste each year – and metal waste accounts for nearly 10% of that figure. Sgt. Scrap serves customers in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, and Delaware. Here, we explore how these scrap metal facilities help make a positive impact on the environment, reducing the need for destructive mining practices by recycling existing metal materials. Manufacturing can use recycled metals in the same way as virgin materials.

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We pride ourselves on our great customer service and conducting operations in the safest way possible, following all safety measures to ensure your removal is a success. For more information on our scrap metal and machinery removal services or to learn more about our scrap metal recycling, contact us today. There is a scope for doing scrap metal removal business as well. You can sell the unwanted metal to these industries and make profits. So if you don’t want to set up an industry, you can make money by scrap metal collection and selling.

This also means you are contributing to the general health of everybody who breathes non-polluted air. If metal recycling is done by everybody, greenhouse gases that are released into the atmosphere can be cut down by almost 500 million tons. At Junk King, customer service is a core tenet of our philosophy – that’s why we’re rated number one nationwide for customer service in our industry. Whatever it is you need help with, we’re always willing to go the extra mile to make sure your Junk King experience is exactly what you wanted.

They’re sorted (we’ll talk about this more later), and then weighed by each type of metal you brought. While it is ideal to sort scrap metal by type, some recycling facilities accept mixed metals. However, separating them beforehand ensures better recycling efficiency and potentially higher financial returns.

In 2018, the United States produced more than 19 million tons of ferrous scrap metal, and an estimated 50 million metric tons of iron and steel scrap are consumed in the U.S. annually. In fact, steel is thought to be the most recycled metal in the world. Other common scrap metals include aluminum, brass, copper, lead, nickel, and zinc.

One option is to sell it to a local recycling center or scrap yard. Another is to donate it to an organization that accepts scrap metal donations, such as a Habitat for Humanity ReStore. There are a few different ways to go about recycling scrap metal. The most common method is through a metal recycling facility.

Whether it’s a brass button or a steel battleship, the first step to recycling scrap metal begins at a processing facility. Even if you are not mandated by law to recycle the scrap metal, there are probably programs in place that assist you when you try to recycle. Read more about Free scrap metal collection bristol here. This might be in the form of a government agency that will help you get rid of the scrap metal or through cash transfers and other forms of compensations if you make sure they get recycled. A good first step you can take is checking these laws and learning if there are any that can help you get rid of the scrap metals and maybe even make some money off it. By recycling demolition material, you’re providing a service to the LEED Accredited Professional who will be putting the building through the certification process.