How to Become a Graphic Designer in 2023
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How to Become a Graphic Designer in 2023

Follow 5 steps to become a self-taught graphic designer without going to school. The BLS projects graphic design jobs will grow at a slower-than-average rate between 2021 and 2031, with employment increasing by only 3% during that time frame. Your salary as a graphic designer varies depending on factors like position, employer, education and experience. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that graphic designers earn a median salary of $57,990 annually. Graphic designers use their creativity, technical skills and knowledge of design theory to communicate messages and stories visually.

Great Graphic Designers have more in common than a knack for creating compelling visuals. The best thing about having your own space is that you can organise it exactly how you want it.

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This can be done through your own research or enrolling in a graphic design course. A graphic design course will equip you with the necessary knowledge and give you a chance to work on different projects (a graphic design degree will almost never be required for a graphic design job). A website, for example, must be designed in a way that visitors can navigate easily. If user experience (UX) isn’t considered, visitors may become frustrated and quickly leave when they are unable to find the content they want. While it’s true that not every job in the design industry requires a graphic design degree, it is also true that some skills are very hard to learn on your own. Earning a degree can help you develop skills, techniques, and knowledge of best practices that go far beyond what you can learn by reading blog posts and watching tutorials online. Graphic designers work in various industries, conceptualizing and creating visual concepts, and developing layouts for print media, websites, digital media, and more.

Different Paths to Becoming a Designer

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You’re on your way to becoming a graphic designer!

The important thing is to have an online presence – you’ll build up your portfolio as you gain more experience and add more of your work. Even simple things like applying color theory can dramatically improve the quality of your designs. Few are going to trust someone with no track record, so there’s a vicious circle you need to break out of there.

Graphic designers work on a variety of projects, including logos, brochures, websites, social media graphics, and more. Getting to know the work of famous graphic designers and artists and following them on social media will be helpful in the long run. You’ll get to know how they do what they do and understand them and their work better.

Master’s Degree in Graphic Design

Graphic Designers use design elements, such as shapes, colors, lines, and textures, to produce a range of work. They create everything from posters and product packaging to logos and animations. Graphic design is an essential part of the marketing and advertising efforts of a brand or company. Graphic Designers, also known as Communication Designers, build visually appealing designs that support the brand’s message and evoke emotion from consumers.

Like any other profession, to become a graphic designer you need the right tools to get the job done. So before embarking on your journey to becoming a designer, it’s essential that you get a hold of the tools you need. These tools are both actual tools and apps and programs on your computer. Though, it doesn’t matter when you found your creativity, if you’ve got it then you can be a graphic designer. Whether you want to work in-house, at an agency, or as a freelancer, you will need to build your portfolio first.

If three months full-time isn’t your cup of tea, we also offer a nine month part-time course, which you can do on campus or online. Our graduates leave Shillington as graphic designers with a wealth of knowledge ready to embark on a new career. Knowing how to use Adobe Creative Cloud software is a bare minimum for any graphic designer, but you should also learn how to use other software programs that are specific to the industry. How well graphic designers know the software relates directly to how quickly they can produce materials and the degree of creativity available for their work.

By understanding color theory, the designer can make the proper choice in the color selections to ensure the brand stands out and is relevant to the target audience. Every designer knows the 5 key principles of design which are alignment, repetition, contrast, hierarchy and balance. These principles help to create a cohesive design, stability, organization, consistency, impact and a clear message. At the graduate level students learn to solve creative or business problems holistically. MFA graduates also typically build upon practical experience in the field, demonstrating creative flexibility and proficiency in turning concepts into client deliverables. MFA graduates have built upon a foundational knowledge of design and graphics production. They demonstrate keen knowledge on topics such as composition, color theory, and typography in order to create a persuasive final product.

Next time you’re looking at a design online or out on the street, try an exercise and see if you can identify these principles. On the other hand, contrast is a method to create emphasis within a design for impact, which can be seen in color choices, scale, or making specific text bold thereby creating a central focal point. To create an organization in your design, hierarchy helps to create a system where each element is organized according to its level of importance. For more book suggestions, check out Shillington’s Book Club recommendations where Shillington teachers share their favorite books from their own personal libraries. Liz Simmons is a Denver-based writer and editor with degrees in anthropology, urban studies, and library and information studies. In her free time, she enjoys volunteering at her son’s school library and looking for treasures at thrift stores.

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