How Do I Start a Class Action Lawsuit?
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How Do I Start a Class Action Lawsuit?

After worries of whether people were safe and sheltered, the next thought to cross one’s mind is usually “shouldn’t there be a class action? ” The idea being that since there are all these people who have been harmed by a raging fire caused by a gas company’s supply-line, the issue must be ripe for class determination. However, as we will see, it takes more than solely mass harm for a case to be appropriate for class treatment.

Fortunately, we’ve put together a detailed guide if you are wondering how to start a class action lawsuit. Read on to learn more about the process and key considerations like minimum requirements and compensation for lead plaintiffs. After the lawsuit has been resolved, attorneys working on the case may issue a notice to the class members informing them about the settlement or judgment and their right to opt out of the case. The notice will describe the underlying facts alleged in the lawsuit and describe the groups of people who may be able to claim part of the settlement. In some lawsuits, this notice is sent after the judge has certified the case as a class action and again after the lawsuit has been resolved.

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The court must evaluate the conditions and decide whether certifying the lawsuit as a class action is convenient for the administration of justice, fair to everyone, and meets the specifications. Just like determining your payout amount, it is hard to predict when exactly you will get a payment after joining a class action. You may sometimes receive a payment a few weeks after joining, especially if a case settles and gets approved by the court before reaching trial. The fact of the matter is, that when one suit is filed on behalf of all the people, there’s a greater likelihood that the guilty party will be held responsible. Some form of compensation may be awarded to the people who were harmed, and the issue that is causing the problem should stop. Big regulatory and procedural changes that affect the practices of entire industries have been implemented because of class action litigation.

How to Start a Class Action Lawsuit: FAQs

The largest oil spill in history, an estimated 210 million gallons of oil were discharged into the gulf. In 2016, approval was given to a $20 billion settlement to resolve civil and government claims of environmental damage that occurred as a result of the spill. If you fit the definition of a class member in a class action, you have several rights.

However, there are material differences between this potential case and the previous one, as personal injury claims present large challenges that are not usually appropriate for class treatment. If your claim is denied, you will not receive compensation from the class action lawsuit. If you believe your claim should have been approved, you may contact the Settlement Administrator to ask why it was denied. It may take quite a while to receive money from a class action lawsuit, so be patient. A judge will have the final say about the award and whether it is fair to Class Members.

Finally, the rest of the settlement money in a class-action lawsuit is divided among the class members. Class-action lawsuits can make big headlines, especially when they target major corporations or have multimillion-dollar settlements.


Class action suits call for a level of expertise that encompasses filing the necessary paperwork, pleading and proving the existence of the class, and selecting the best class representative. Any person that meets the class definition will automatically become a member of the class, even if they didn’t apply or know about the action. If the class is not certified, complainants will have to pursue their cases individually.

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The court fees, administrative fees, the attorney’s fee, and the legal support staff will all be shouldered by the law firm you hire until the case is settled or won. Those costs can add up, and spreading the costs out among the class makes the financial burden much lighter.

In certain instances, the defendants will separately negotiate a fee for the class action lawyers that is separate and apart from the recovery for the class. Read more about Class action lawsuit here. Also, the expenses that the class action lawyers advanced in prosecuting the class action – to pay for court charges, travel expenses, expert witness fees, etc. – are also reimbursed.

There are many reasons why individuals might choose to file a class action lawsuit instead of filing an individual claim. Keep reading to learn about class action lawsuits, including how they work, why they are significant, and what to keep in mind if you believe you may have a claim. If you are an eligible class member, you might ask, “how are class action settlements distributed? ” The settlement agreement or court verdict determines how money is distributed among class members. A court must review the outcome of a class action case resolved out of court to determine if it is reasonable and sufficient. Class action lawsuits generally involve many people pursuing compensation for a common injury. Only one plaintiff usually initiates a suit to recover compensation for the injury, however.

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